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Gtechniq Coatings

What are Protective Coatings?

Protective coatings are the industry’s most advanced and strongest form of protection other than Paint Protection Film (PPF). Since early 2006 our main focus has not only been maintaining vehicles, but also providing top-of-the-line interior and exterior protection. With today’s technology, there are a wide variety of protective coating protection products available. Convery's Automotive Detailing is an accredited and certified Gtechniq Ceramic Coating installation specialist. Based on studies and tests with other coating brands, we choose Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum as the best, most durable coating forTennessee's environment.

What types of Protective Coatings does Convery's Automotive Detailing  offer?


Convery’s Automotive Detailing is proud to be a GTECHNIQ accredited detailer. GTECHNIQ works to create the best car care products on the market to date. They offer a line of surface preparations and finishing seals designed to clean, polish, and protect the broadest range of automotive surfaces. 








  • 10h paint protection 

  • 9 year guarantee 

  • Matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance

Why Crystal Serum Ultra?


Crystal Serum Ultra is the best paint protection you can get, it keeps your car looking glossy and new, prolonging the life of your paintworks perfect finish.

Key to Crystal Serum Ultras performance gain is the introduction of a revolutionary new 7nm nanoparticle alongside an existing 20nm nanoparticle, and increasing the ratio of crosslinkers which reinforce and thicken the top layer of the coating.

The hard 10h top and softer 7h base layer offer improved swirl resistance over regular 9h paint protection coatings. Compared to standard ceramic paint coatings, Crystal Serum Ultra can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals and bird droppings.

The molecular structure of the hard top layer is exceptionally chemical resistant. Crystal Serum Ultra can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals and bird droppings.

An additional benefit from having a flexible base layer and hard top layer is that Crystal Serum Ultra is very resistant to extreme heat changes, even from -40 degrees Celsius to +250 degrees Celsius. 


Crystal Serum Ultra can be applied either as a stand-alone paint protection product, or for the best hydrophobic performance, it can be over coated with Gtechniq EXO or C2


The specialist nature of this paint protection means it can only be applied by a Gtechniq Accredited Detailer.

Like no other product, Crystal Serum provides paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability, scratch and chemical resistance. Its composite structure offers the ultimate in ceramic protection plus the same slick finish and candy like gloss as the very best carnauba waxes. The hard 9h top and softer 7h base layer offer improved swirl resistance over regular 9h coatings. Compared to standard ceramic coatings, Crystal Serum forms a relatively thick combined film which greatly reduces surface hazing and improves gloss. Resistant to chemicals from ph2 to ph13, so when you clean your car, even the harshest wash chemicals will not dull your gloss. And on top of that, contaminants like bird droppings are easy to remove. * Please note that whilst Crystal Serum is very resistant to bird droppings, the "mechanical" effect of hot paintwork swelling around bird droppings left on your vehicle's surface means that some etching from bird droppings can occur. We therefore recommend you remove bird droppings immediately and in the unlikely event of paintwork etching our Accredited Detailers will be able to remove and recoat affected areas. Crystal Serum is unaffected by extreme heat changes, even from -40 to +250 degrees Celsius and offers exceptional UV protection which prevents premature dulling. For the definitive hydrophobic finish it can be over coated with Gtechniq EXO or C2. Crystal Serum is a professional only product and can only be applied by an official Gtechniq Accredited Detailer.

Crystal Serum Light  Crystal Serum Light forms an ultra- durable, high-gloss, slick to the touch, chemically bonding inorganic layer of 9h optically clear ceramic. Once applied, gloss levels will remain in the upper 90th percentile for significantly longer when compared to traditional paint protection products, and cleaning your car will be a breeze. Longevity 36-60 months. For less required maintenance C1 can be overcoated with layer(s) of EXO.

CRYSTAL LACQUER C1 Crystal Lacquer forms a sub micron 100% clear quartz film which is extremely hard, providing a durable, stain-resistant surface that repels salt, oil, water, and dirt. These characteristics are what make C1 unbeatable for long-term surface care since your car will require less washing as dirt, bugs, and road tar are washed away very easily. This combined with the hardness of the coating will help prevent premature paintwork dulling caused by micro scratches from frequent vigorous car washes to remove previously hard to remove surface contaminants. C1 is also independently proven to have the sternest UV filter of any paint protection product on the market and forms the strongest barrier against bird droppings. Extraordinary results if used as a base coat to EXOv2 or C2v3. 

EXO Ultra-Durable  is Convery’s Automotive Detailing’s favorite layer-able form of protection. EXO is Gtechniq’s ultimate hydrophobic coating – it simply out-beads any other products on the market. Its ultra slick self-cleaning surface ensures the vehicle’s surface stays cleaner and glossier for much longer. Longevity 12 months. EXO can be layered over C1 and Crystal Serum as a sacrificial top layer.


Why use Gtechniq C0v2 Aero Coat?

This product has been specifically formulated to minimize adhesion of foreign objects on race cars.  

Unlike the version 1 of Aero Coat, v2 has good durability on road cars too.  It will typically last 2 years on a regularly driven car.

C0v2 offers great gloss, good hydrophobicity (110 degrees), some swirl resistance (6h), is water mark resistant and can be applied to paint, gel coat, vinyl, rims and trim.

C0v2 can be applied as a “stand-alone" coating or as a top coating for C1, Crystal Serum Light or Crystal Serum.

LIQUID CRYSTAL C2v3 Liquid Crystal is the revolutionary way to make your car, boat, plane, or RV shine and stay clean longer, thanks to Gtechniq’s unique 3S Smart Surface Science. With C2v3 Liquid Crystal you get instant, effective protection from UV and dirt.


  •  Color Fading

  •  Bird Droppings

  •  Acid Rain

  •  Tree Sap

  •  Oxidation

  •  Bug-Splatter

  •  Road Grime

G1 ClearVision Smart Glass

  • 1 to 2 years durability.

  • Improves wet weather visibility helping to improve safety and eye strain.

  • Makes ice, bugs, tree sap etc. much easier to remove.

  • Lasts 20,000 miles.

Why use Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass?


Unlike regular rain repellent coatings that adhere to the surface of the glass using relatively weak physical bonds, G1 uses a chemical bond which gives G1 unrivaled durability. 

What is the standard process for applying Protective Coatings?

Full filtered multiple stage wash and total preparation process. The first step is a foam wash to knock loose all dirt that may sit on the vehicle’s surface. Second is a contact wash performed using a safe wash mitt or sponge designed to clean without paint marring. A clay bar treatment is then performed. Next, for contaminates that cannot be removed from just a standard wash or clay, a decontaminating spray (Iron-X) is applied to remove surface iron deposits and deep grime in the clear coat and all surfaces. (Note: Door jambs, trunk jambs, gas door, and engine are lightly cleaned during the process) Final step is a complete electronic air dry and surface inspection. Then last is a single stage polish . *Preparation process is included in each protective coating selection.

How do I maintain my new coating?

Maintaining a coated car is much easier than maintaining a car that is protected with wax. Its slick surface ensures an effortless hand wash. The lightest strokes can clean the surface without the use of pressure and the chance of marring. For drying your coated car we recommend using a ultra soft and thick micro-fiber drying towel. Coatings love clean water. Filtered water works the best in cleaning and maintaining.

Is there a Warranty?
All Gtechniq protective coating applications are tested and guaranteed to last throughout, if properly maintained. Crystal Serum comes with a 7-year guarantee. Crystal Serum Light comes with a 5-year guarantee. Gtechniq coatings are only covered by guarantee when applied by an accredited detailer or approved dealership and upon completion of Gtechniq’s online guarantee registration. Please visit the following link or contact Convery's Automotive Detailing for more information:

Exterior Coatings

Gtechniq Accredited Installer!

Interior Coatings

L1 Leather Guard is ultra durable, stain resistant, and offers significant abrasion resistance. It also prevents dye transfer onto pale leather, typically preventing blue jeans from marking cream leather seating. 


  •  Cracking and Splitting

  •  Ink Stains

  •  Liquid Spills

  •  Food

  •  Wear and Tear


Inspired by nature, this electron microscope image shows water beads on a lotus leaf. The hydrophobic hairs cause water to form into almost perfect spheres, dragging any surface dirt away. Gtechniq’s nano engineered coatings replicate this.

Unlike regular fabric coatings, the nano particles of I1 Smart Fabric coat the individual fibers of the fabric, thereby leaving the breathability and feel of the fabric unaffected. The former means that the stale air can still escape, but at the same time repels any water or oil-based liquids. Being solvent based ensures a much deeper penetration of the active ingredient, giving Gtechniq Smart Fabric treated surfaces better daurability and overall performance than current generation fabric sealants. 


  •  Liquid Spills

  •  Food

  •  Harmful UV Rays

  •  Perspiration

  •  Odors

Ceramic Coating Packages

Paint Only Packages

All packages include a light polish, if the paint needs more paint correction steps the price will change accordingly.


Our 2 Year Coating: EXOv3 with Light Polish STARTING at $450

Crystal Serum Light w/ Light Polish  STARTING at $550


Crystal Serum Pro w/ Light Polish  STARTING at $850


Crystal Serum Black w/ Light Polish  STARTING at $1050

Crystal Serum Ultra w/ Light Polish  STARTING at $1400


Deposits are required to book an appointment and are a down payment for all services or Coating service(s) you request. Your deposit will be applied to your final total. Deposits are non-refundable, and non-transferable to another person. Deposits must be paid at the time you drop your vehicle off or Booking Online.

We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 1 day before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee of $100.00.

Convery's Automotive Detailing
Gtechniq Accredited Installer!
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